We are very excited to announce Megumi will be back to a studio for coming January for her own trio with Mike McGuirk on bass and Mark Ferber on Drums! Stay in tuned and more great new things are coming!

09.02.19Concert Review in Namdalsavisa in Norway

Megumi was performed as a member of Namdal Groove Ensemble, led by a Norwegian guitarist, Jostein Gulbrandsen in Norway and we a glad to hear that they are mentioned in one of the most popular newspaper in Norway, Namdalsavisa. Please click the launch bottom if you are interested in!

08.16.19Concert Review in Slovakian Magazine, SKJAZZ.SK

We got a nice review in the Slovakian magazine skjazz.sk for Jostein Gulbrandsen Quartet concert at Jazzfest in Trondheim in May which Megumi is playing as a primary pianist in the band. We Thank to Patrick Španko for the kind words.

07.06.19New Youtube video!

We just uploaded a new video clip on Youtube channel. The performance is from ESP Disk Festival at Spectrum in Brooklyn NYC on June 8th, 2019 with Masa Kamaguchi(b), Ken Kobayashi(d). Please click the link (the launch bottom) if you are interested. We hope you'll enjoy it!

07.02.19Another tour in Norway in August

Megumi will be playing in Norway again as a part of Jostein Gulbrandsen Quartet in end of August. We will keep posted the details later and please stay tuned!

06.19.19On a tour!

Megumi will be playing on a mini tour of Jostein Gulbrandsen Quartet at Nordic Jazz Festival on Saturday, June 22 and Rochester International Jazz Festival on Sunday June 23rd. Check them out if you’re around! If you need more details, please check out the itinerary section of click Launch bottom.

06.10.19Thank you!

Thank you for coming to ESP Disk Festival on June 8th! It was a great Festival and the band had great time playing in front of the wonderful audience. We filmed the performance and will be posted on YouTube very soon. So, please stying tune.

05.15.19Podcast of the radio show on May 11

Now you can check out the radio program when “Boundary" is featured at La Note Azul in Burazil on May 11th. Megumi is honored being a part of the great lineup such as Keith Jarrett Trio, The Quartet of Mariano Suarez, Pablo Fernando Socolsky, Heinrichsdorff Kay and many more.

05.12.19Concert review from Trondheim Jazz Festival

We are very pleased to announce that the concert at Trondheim Jazz Festival is reviewed. We’d like to thank Mr. Aron Nørstebø for kind your words and listening to the performance!

05.11.19 “Boundary” will be featured on a radio show

The album, “Boundary" will be featured at Rádio Universidade FM in São Luís, Brazil on May 11th from 18:30 to 20:30. You can check out the radio show online at http://tun.in/sfeAl or www.zumbalaturba.com.arradio !

The program named " Music Company " that is relates with jazz, new music, modern music, acid jazz, classical music, new age, progressive, blues, Brazilian Music, World Music, Ethnic Music and much more since 1990.

More information, click the launch bottom!

05.01.19Trondheim Jazz Festival is coming!

Megumi Yonezawa will be playing as the principal pianist of “Jostein Gulbrandsen Quartet" at Trondheim Jazz Festival, Trondheim in Norway on Wednesday, May 8th!

Trondheim Jazzfestival is a festival in Trondheim taking place in May every year. It has been the city’s iconic event since 1980 and today it became a national festival with 70 events.

This is one of the perfect Festival for music lovers. We hope we will see you if you are around!

04.02.19Megumi Yonezawa appears at Apollo, Japan

There is another Trio, Megumi Yonezawa has been playing as the principal pianist for last few years in Japan with Motohiko Ichino(g), Ryosuke Hashizume(ts) will be playing at Appllo in Tokyo Japan. We are so excited to announce this performance. Do not miss it!

03.22.19Trondheim Jazz Festival in May!

We are quite excited to announce that Megumi Yonezawa will be playing at Trondheim Jazz Festival in Norway on May 9th, 2019 as a member of Jostein Gulbrandsen Quartet! We will keep posted more update and please stay tuned!

03.20.19Rochester International Jazz Festival

Many great things are coming May and June! Megumi will be joining in Rochester International Jazz Festival again this year as a member of 'Jostein Gulbrandsen Quartet'. (Last year, she has played with her own trio with Mike McGuirk(b) and Mark Ferber(d).) Jostein Gulbrandsen is originally from Norway and now he is based in NY, the United States. Megumi is playing on his latest album "Looking Ahead" (Curling Legs Records). The group will be playing on June 23rd. For more information, please click the launch.

03.09.19"Boundary" is reviewed in "The Walker's" Jazz Magazine!

We are very pleased to announce the album, 'Boundary" (ESP-Disk') is now reviewed in the latest issue (Vol. 56) of "The Walker's" Jazz Magazine in Japan! Thank you for the nice works for us! Please click the launch for more information.

03.04.19Live at Greenwich House Music School

The Trio from the album "Boundary" got together again in Sound It Out Series at Greenwich House Music School and the performance is mentioned in March issue of NYC Jazz Records! Many great things are coming in 2019 and please stay in tuned.

02.12.19Review from Norway

We'd like to thank to Mr. Tor Hammero for writing the great review in Norwegian for the album, "Looking Ahead" by Jostein Gubrandsen. Megumi is playing as the primary pianist on the album. Click the Launch bottom for the link. (Norwegian only)

01.14.19Review from AllAboutJazz

It was great to hear that the Album "Looking Ahead" on Curing Legs Records received a wonderful review, written by Mr. Tyran Grillo from AllAboutJazz. Megumi is playing on the album as a sideman and she is well received in the review also. Click the 'launch" for the full article.

01.04.19The Boundary trio at GHM

We are very happy to announce that the trio from the album "Boundary" will be playing at Greenwich House Music on Saturday, February 9th. Masa Kamaguchi on bass, Ken Kobayashi on drums and Megumi Yonezawa on Piano. It will be a special performance since and don't miss the moment! We hope we will see there.

01.04.19"Boundary" is picked as one of the remarkable albums of 2018 by JazzTokyo

It is very honored the album "Boundary" is picked up by online Jazz Magazine site 'JazzTokyo' as one of the remarkble albums of 2018. We would like to thank Mr. Masanori Tada and JazzTokyo for your kind words.

01.03.19Happy New Year!!

Thank you very much for your supports last year. We hope you will have a bright and healthy new year through 2019! Happy New Year!

11.22.18Jostein Gulbrandsen Quartet CD release party at 55 Bar

We are very happy to announce that Megumi will be a part of Jostein Gulbrandsen Quartet for the CD release party on Sunday, November 25 at the NY legendary place, 55 Bar. The sets start at 6:00pm and 8:00pm. More details, please click the "launch" bottom. We hope we will see you there.

11.06.18Megumi Yonezawa Trio at The Jazz at Kitano!

Megumi Yonezawa Trio with Mike McGuirk and Mark Ferber will be back to The Jazz at Kitano on Wednesday November 21st! They appeared at Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival last June. Come to check them out if you are in NYC around the time. Click the link for more information.

10.01.18Live report in Japan

The trio from the new album "Boundary" is received a wonderful live report from a critic, Mr. Eisuke Sato. The trio CD release tour in Japan and the live report is from one of our performances at YOKOHAMA AIRGIN. We appreciated Mr. Sato's great words and contribution of modern jazz scene in Japan.

08.14.18Megumi, Masa, Ken will be playing in Japan for three days!

We are quite excited the trio from the new album “Boundary" will be appearing in Yokohama, Chiba and Tokyo on 8/28, 8/29 and 8/30. This will be the first and the last time playing in Japan in this year with this trio. We really hope to see you there. Please check out the itenerary for more details!

07.21.18Received a wonderful review in Jazz Japan Vol.96

We are so excited to inform you that we received a wonderful review in Jazz Japan Vol. 96 (08/2018). It’s been great year for us. Thank you very much Mr. Sato for your kind words!

06.30.18Reviewed in “Jazz Magazine France”!

The album “Boundary" got a great review in June issue of Jazz Magazine, France! Thank you for René Simon for your kind words!

06.20.18The album, “Boundary” received a great review in Music Magazine Japan!

The album, “Boundary" on ESP-Disk got 9 of 10 points in Music Magazine in Japan. We are so excited to inform you! Please check them out when you have a chance!

06.14.18Reviewed in Jazz Life Magazine and CD Journal Japan

The album, “Boundary" received a nice reviews in “Jazz Life" Magazine and “CD Journal Japan"! We are also quite excited to announce the trio will be performing in Japan coming summer. Stay tuned and more details are coming later!

06.09.18Sideman on Jostein Gulbrandsen’s New Album

Megumi has been working as a sideman for Norwegian guitarist, Jostein Gulbrandsen’s band for years and his new album, “Looking Ahead" has released on a Norwegian historical recording label “Curling Legs Records". The album is available on their website, iTunes, Spotify and many others.

Jostein Gulbrandsen(g)
Megumi Yonezawa(p)
Mike McGuirk(b)
Mark Ferber(d)

06.07.18The album “Boundary” has released in Japan from King International Records

We are very pleased to announce the Japanese version of the album, “Boundary" has released in Japan on June 7th from King International Records. Please check out the link for more details.

06.04.18Reviewed in summer issue of JAZZIZ

We are so happy to inform you the trio has received a wonderful review in Summer Issue of JAZZIZ 2018! If you have any chances, please check them out!

05.17.18In Downbeat Magazine

We are quite excited to announce the new collaboration album “Boundary" is reviewed with four stars on June issue of DOWNBEAT Magazine! We’d like to thank Mr. Peter Margasak for your words. The link is below!

04.22.18New Album “Boundary” is reviewed by JJazz.net

We are very pleased to announce the new album “Boundary" is reviewed by Mr. Hikaru Hanaki on JJazz.net. We’d like to thank Mr. Hanaki for the great words!

04.04.18Rochester International Jazz Festival

We are quite excited to announce Megumi Yonezawa will be appeared for Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival with her trio and solo on June 27 and June 28 in 2018.

Please click “launch" bottom below if you’d like to know more details!

04.02.18“State of Jazz on Spotify”

A song from the album “Boundary" is shared by “State of Jazz" on Spotify which has over 180,000 followers. We are very honored being listed up with great musicians such as Brad Mehaldau, Enrico Pieranunzi and many others. You can check out fantastic new released albums in this season on the account. We strongly recommended.

03.27.18“Boundary” is now available on iTunes

Now the album, “Boundary" is available on iTunes! Please check it out if you are interested in and we hope you will like our music.

03.16.18Reviewed by Jazz Trail

The album, “Boundary" is reviewed by FILIPE FREITAS from Jazz Trail. We’d like to thank him for his great words!

03.06.18New Album!

We are very pleased to announce the album “Boundary" on ESP-Disks is officially released! The members are:

Megumi Yonezawa(p)
Masa Kamaguchi(b)
Ken Kobayashi(d)

Please check us out if you’re interested in.
We hope you’ll like the music.

02.04.18Megumi Yonezawa Trio will be playing at Jazz at Kitano on March 8th!

Megumi Yonezawa Trio will be back to Jazz at Kitano in NYC on Thursday, March 8th! The members are:

Megumi Yonezawa(p)
Mike McGirk(b)
Mark Ferber(d)

More details later!

02.01.18Great words from legendary pianist Mathew Shipp

None other than avant-star pianist Matthew Shipp penned the liner notes for coming new album “Boundary" from ESP-Disk which Megumi Yonezawa(p), Masa Kamaguchi(b) and Ken Kobayashi(d) are on. He wrote:

"It’s so beautiful and refreshing to hear a piano trio that is secure enough in itself to utilize space in a relaxed manner and paint their portrait in sound in an assured, inspired way with a balance and equilibrium that allows the listener the psychic space to take it all in, let it find its level in one’s own inner world," Shipp says. "This trio always sounds natural... [The music] fits in very well with the ESP-Disk piano tradition, though this CD is its own world within itself. It sits really nice next to Paul Bley and Lowell Davidson, though the pianist has her own distinct sense of phrasing with its own type of internal swing and projection of piano sound... This is not a traditional free jazz CD — and it is obviously not a straight-ahead jazz CD. It is also not an attempt to meld the two together... No one sounds like they are trying to prove anything. What is so beautiful about this CD is that it is really, really honest... This trio knows music but is open to throwing their preconceptions out and seeing where things go... Sit back and enjoy the ride."

Thank you so much, Mr. Shipp for your nice words. The album will be available on March 9th, 2018.

12.01.17Megumi will be a featured artist for ESP-Disk Records 55th Anniversary concert

Another album as a sideman will be released in January 2018. The new project is led by a drummer Ken Kobayashi with a bassist Masa Kamaguchi and the trio will be featured and performing for ESP-Desk Records 55th anniversary celebration concert at Greenwich Music School on January 27th, 2018!

11.08.17Back to Jazz at Kitano

Megumi will be playing with legendary drummer Adam Nussbaum and the great bassist Mike McGuirk at Jazz at Kitano on Thursday, 12/7. More details later!

10.11.17“The trio” is featured on JJnet.com

The trio with Motohiko Ichino(g) and Ryosuke Hashizume(ts) is featured on JJazz.net for a month and you can listen to their live recording online till 5pm on 11/8(Japan Time)! The performance is from a gig that they had in last September at Shinjuku Pit Inn, Tokyo. Hope you will enjoy their music.

10.07.17We just uploaded a new video clip on YouTube!

We are very pleased to inform you that we just uploaded a new video clip on YouTube! The performance is from live at Jazz at Kitano in NYC with Mark McGuirk(b) and Mark Ferber(d). Hope you will enjoy her music!

08.23.17Megumi's songs will be featured on a Radio Show on 8/24!

Some of her songs from her first album will be featured on a radio show "Ts Music Lounge" on Thursday, 8/24 from 19:30(Japan Time) at FM 7.77.

The radio program is led by Mr. Kazunori Oyamada and Mr. Toru Yokozawa. You can even listen to the radio show on an app, is called 'TuneIn'. Please check them out if you are interested in!

TuneIn Radio:

Oranda Radio@TuneIn:

07.08.17Japan Tour

We updated Megumi's performances in Japan coming August. She will be performing solo piano and working as sideman as well. Go to itenerary section for more details!

07.05.17Jazz at Kitano on July 12th!

We hope you had a great holiday and holiday weekend.

We are so excited to announce that a Megumi bring her Trio to Jazz at Kitano in July 12th(Wednesday). If you live in around the area, please check her trio out! She will be playing original pieces and standards.

The members are Mike McGuirk on bass and Mark Faber on drums.

06.04.17A recording session for ESP-Disk

Megumi had a great recording session with Ken Kobayashi(d) and Masa Kamaguchi(b) as a trio for ESP-Disk. We expect the album will be released in January next year. We will keep posted! ESP-Disk is established since 1960' and had done many recording sessions with legendary artists such as Paul Bley, Ornette Coleman, Pharoah Sanders, Ran Blacke and many others.

06.02.17Performance at Jazz at Kitano on 7/12

We are very graceful to announce Megumi's performance on July 12 (Wednesday) at Jazz at Kitano with Mike McGuirk(b) and Mark Ferber(d). Please check out our itinerary section for more details! We are looking forward to seeing you there on then!

05.25.17Uploaded a new sound clip on YouTube

We just uploaded a new sound clip on YouTube that is from a live at Apollo in Tokyo, Japan in 2016. The members are Motohiko Ichino(g), Ryosuke Hashizume(ts) and Megumi Yonezawa(p). They have been playing together since 2015 as a new project and we hope you will enjoy the sound world of this trio.

03.03.17Megumi is featured on a Radio Show

Megumi is invited as a featured artist and musician by Teruomi Teru Toyoda for his radio show in Washington DC. Megumi is explaining about her childhood, school life when she was in Berklee College Music and working as a professional musician and artist. It's only in Japanese but if you are interested in, please click the link below. You can hear the whole recording of the radio show on YouTube.

03.01.17 Received a great review by a NY based critic, Filipe Freitas

Megumi Yonezawa received a great review for first leader album 'A Result of the Colors' which is written by Mr. Filipe Freitas who is based in NY and has been writing about many jazz musician in the world. You can check out his web site and see what's going on in current jazz scene. We are very honored Megumi is a part of them.

02.25.17CD release performance on Sunday April 9th in 2017!

We are very happy to announce Megumi Yonezawa will be playing at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3 with Massimo Biolcati(b) and Eric McPherson(d) as her trio on Sunday, April 9th!! Megumi will be playing her original pieces from her first leader album and new songs!

Please save the date and we will keep posted the updates!

01.10.17Debut album has selected as The Jazz Owl's favorite of 2016 on JazzTimes

Megumi Yonezawa's first leader album "A Result of the Colors" has selected as Favorite of 2016 by Travis Rodgers Jr., The Jazz Owl's on JazzTimes! We are so happy to announce the great news.

01.03.17Megumi will appear as a guest artist for a radio show "Jazz Tonight", NHK

Megumi was invited and featured as a guest artist for highly regarded and popular radio program “Jazz Tonight" on NHK in Japan. NHK is the largest broadcasting organization in Japan. Founded in 1925, NHK is broadcasted in 18 different languages and reaches millions of people both in Japan and outside of Japan. Hosted by the legendary Jazz Critic Kiyoshi Koyama, the radio show “Jazz Tonight" show has been running for 11 years. Mr. Koyama personally invited Megumi Yonezawa to appear on the show during a recent Japan Tour. During the program, Ms. Yonezawa performed a solo piece on the piano, and the show also selected a song from her new album “A Result of the Colors" as well as a selection from Greg Osby’s “Public" where she was the principal pianist, that will be played on the show. The show will be broadcasted on January 21st in 2017 and also features an interview of Ms.Yonezawa in addition to the musical performances.

12.01.16Megumi is playing on the backing tracks of "Modern Jazz & Fusion Guitar"

Megumi is appeared as a keyboard player and playing on the backing tracks for a guitar method book is called "Modern Jazz & Fusion Guitar" which is written by a very active New York based in guitar player, Jostein Gulbrandsen from the world biggest music publisher Hal Lenard!

11.11.16Megumi will be on a Japan Tour

Megumi will be playing in Japan from 12/3 to 12/5 in 2016 for a very active jazz singer, Mari Tochiya and Motohiko Ichino Trio. Please check out the itinerary and check her out if you are in Tokyo, Japan!

08.06.16We'd like to thank to Mr. Takehiko Tokiwa for his review in Jazz Life Japan

Megumi's first album, "A Result of the Colors" has introduced and reviewed in Jazz Life Magazin, August issue in Japan! We would like to Thank to Mr. Tak Tokiwa for his great review! Hope you will find out a copy and check it out if you are in Japan!

07.15.16Her album got a great point of view by Mr. Hikaru Hanaki from JJazz Net Japan

Mr. Hikaru Hanaki from JaJazz Net has introduced Megumi's debut album "A Result of the Colors" in Japan with a great point of view. You can access the website if you're interested in! Click the launch below and we hope you'll enjoy it. Thank you for Mr. Hikaru Hanaki for giving her a great review!

07.08.16Summer tours in japan will be started from August 10 to September 5!

Megumi will be on Summer Tours in Japan from 08/10 to 09/5 in 2016! She has been working on several projects such as solo piano, duo with bassist, Thomas Morgan and Chris Tordini, trio project with John Hebert and Eric McPherson as a leader. Megumi will be appeared as a sideman for Guitar player, Motohiko Ichino trio, also singer, Mari Tochiya. Please check out the itinerary. Megumi will be all over the country in summer 2016.

07.01.16Megumi has featured in CD Journal Japan by Mark E Rappaport

We'd like to thank you, Mark E Rappaport for writing a wonderful review in CD Jornal Japan about Megumi's Debut Album, 'A Result of the Colors'! Please check it out if you live in Japan or able to get a copy!

06.28.16Megumi has reviewed by Tyran Grillo (All About Jazz)

Megumi has gotten a beautiful review which is written by Tyran Grillo from All About Jazz. We'd like to thank to Tyran for his beautiful writing.

06.10.16Megumi has received a great review from Travis Rogers Jr. "The Jazz Owl".

Megumi has just received a wonderful review from Travis Rogers Jr. "The Jazz Owl", JazzTimes. Please check this out if you are interested in!

05.13.16Megumi has featured by Tor De Jazz in Norway

Megumi has just received a very nice and positive review that is written by a Norwegian critic,Mr. Tor Hammerø who describes her debut album as "NEW AND AUTHENTIC VOICE".

05.01.16Her debut album from Fresh Sound New Talent has released.

Now Megumi\'s debut album, \"A Result of the Colors\" has released from Fresh Sound New Talent. You can reach her CD at the web site of Fresh Sound New Talent and Amazon.com. Please check out the link below. We hope you will enjoy her music.

About Fresh Sound New Talent:
Fresh Sound New Talent took its first steps back in 1992. Since then, through its CD releases, it has introduced some of the best jazz artists to have emerged in the last decade, such as Brad Mehldau, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Robert Glasper, Chris Cheek, Ethan Iverson, Reid Anderson, Kris Davis, Avishai Cohen, The Bad Plus, Miguel Zenon, Ambrose Akinmusire, Omer Avital, Eli Degibri, Jeremy Pelt, Nasheet Waits, Aaron Goldberg, Walter Smith III, John Ellis, Matt Penman, Steve Lehman, et al.
The best musicians in the underground jazz scenes of New York and Europe shape this catalog with their latest projects.

\"The Fresh Sound label is building a reputation for solid releases from some of jazz most underappreciated artists.\"
-David R. Adler

04.27.16Megumi's first leader album will be out on May 1st 2016

We are very happy to announce that Megumi's first leader album will be out on May 1st, 2016 from Fresh Sound New Talent.

Please stay in tunes. More great things are coming.

03.19.16The film "Emilie" will be joined in MSPIFF (Minneapolis St Paul International Film Festival)

Megumi is playing on the piano part for a short film "Emilie" by Mattew Kim and now the film started playing at many film festivals such as Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival (2015) and others.

We are very happy to announce one of the biggest festivals is coming from April 7-27 in 2016 which is called "Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival". If you are around, please stop by the festival and listened to Megumi's piano playing!

The Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival (MSPIFF), which celebrates its 35th anniversary this year. This year’s lineup includes more than 250 films – more than 160 features and more than 90 shorts – representing 71 countries. Hope you'll enjoy!

01.10.16Megumi's first leader album will be out coming Spring!

We wish you a nice, healthy peaceful and bright Happy New Year!
We are pleased to announce Megumi's first leader album will be out from Fresh Sound New Talents in Spring, 2016. The label is based on Valselona, Spain and her CD will be released in Japan, Europe as well as the United States. Please stay in tune and we will keep posted the updates.

12.25.15New Youtube clip is available!

Thank you for visiting for this web site through the year! We just added a new video clip on Youtube. The performance is from last January at Sherwood Hall in La Jolla, California. It is a duo setting with Ted Haghurt on bass and Megumi Yonezawa is on the piano. Hope all of you will enjoy the film and have nice and warm holidays! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

11.06.15Another Performance in Japan

Megumi will be paforming as the principal pianist for Sou Takahashi who is a raising star as a contemporary/Japanese traditional dancer in Japan and Sou has been an active performer in Europe, North America and as well as japan and he has succeeded to establish his own dance style and contained Japanese traditional beauties for his movements. This show will be a most inovative collaboration which will feel flow of music and the movements of art of dance.

10.04.15Added Megumi's SNS links!

We are happy to inform you Megumi's SNS accounts. Please find out and follow her if you are interested in. Megumi puts some video clips and recordings which hasn't been out yet and she loves taking picture of musicians, nature, animals, food and others which she wants sharing great moments of her life with all of you.

09.21.15Live at Apollo in Tokyo, Japan

Just uploaded new live recording from a live at Apollo in Tokyo, Japan. This is a very special trio setting and the band is led by Motohiko Ichino (g) and another member is Ryosuke Hashizume (ts). This group contains maximum freedom and musical possibilities. Hope you will enjoy the recordings.

08.02.15Live in Sapporo, Japan on Sunday, 8/30 2015

Megumi will have a collaboration performance with the leader of UoU band, Daisuke Abe(g), Nori Naraoka (b) who just produced and played on an album called Melting point from MCM Records and a percussionist of Yo-Yo-Ma, Keita Ogawa(d) in Sapporo, Hokkaido Japan. All musicians are remarkable musicians in New York City as well as Japan.

08.01.15Japan Tour from Monday, August 3rd 2015

Megumi is back to Japan and will be on a tour for Mari Tochiya (vo) from August 3rd to August 11th, 2015. Mari has been an active vocalist in United States and Japan and Megumi will be the primary pianist for Mari this summer.

Also Megumi will be playing with Motohiko Ichino (g) and Ryo Hashizume (sax) at Apollo in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo on Friday, 8/13. Megumi has been very excited being on the tour and playing with those musicians in japan!

For more details, please check out the "itinerary".

07.01.15The first leader album will be out from Fresh Sound New Talent!

Megumi Yonezawa got a contract with Fresh Sound New Talents in Spain and her first leader album will be out in Europe, the United States and Japan this coming fall. The member are John Herber on bass and Eric McPherson one drums. Stay tuned!